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The Marvellous Mercury Motivators…

How to achieve at secondary school…

We are looking forward to NEW SUBJECTS, new things and stuff we haven’t tried yet.  We’re a bit worried we might get it all wrong and might be the only ones who get it wrong.  So we thought we could do revision, got to classes outside of school and after school clubs.  And it’s ok to make mistakes, no one is perfect!

To help you remember DIFFERENT TEACHERS names, write them down in your planner.

When you’re making NEW FRIENDS, if someone is alone be the one to try and talk to them because they might be scared.

We hope you follow these rules, and don’t always be afraid.  Be yourself and don’t try and be something you’re not.  Try and find courage in yourself.  Be confident in what you are doing.  Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Don’t let people get to you when they call you names. Get friends who you can trust.

Live up to your full, get set go…

Bye Bye!




The Willow Wolves…

We think the Olympics is going to be a SPORTY, EXCITING, OLYMPIAD, with lots of TOURISTS and MAYHEM!

We tuned into OLYMPIAN TV to investigate how athletes inspire young people to carry on.  Kicking Chika is awesome, I’m inspired that he trained so hard and is now 29th best in the world.

And Karnam Malleswari, an Indian weightlifter, started at 12 so she had lots of motivation.  She’s really amazing!

What inspired us about Usain Bolt is that he broke 2 Olympic records in 2 years!

Then over to SURVIVING STARS where Alana Nichols proved everyone wrong who said you can’t do it because you’re in a wheelchair!

RUN, JUMP AND THROW with Jessica Ennis.  She was told she had an injury – OH NO!!! But she carried on and succeeded – WOW!!!


If you’re worred about MAKING NEW FRIENDS remember that there will be other kids going on their own.  You’ve got new friends to make so you’ve got more friends to invite to your party and a bigger group of friends.

It will be fun to learn NEW THINGS that you don’t do at primary school – geography, history and building stuff in technology.

Remember to RELAX over the summer holidays so you are REFRESHED in September.  You can go on websites that let you practice what you’ve been learning at school.

Adios, and peace out! 🙂



Maple Syrup Monsters

All of our INSPIRING ATHLETES have gone from low to high.  Even when they’ve been injured they have been DETERMINED to get back on top and become an Olympian.  Alana Nichols didn’t let getting paralysed get in her way.

We hope they all do well in London 2012.  You have to admit the Olympics are difficult and you are competing against the worlds best.

As for secondary school.  Try and get geared up and get in pole position!

Make sure you’re ready and you have your books, your oyster card, your tie!

We have to go to totally different classrooms for all of the subjects which is a bit scary, but we’re excited about the NEW SUBJECTS at secondary school: sport (athletics & rugby), physics, languages (Mandarin & Spanish).  Learning new languages is good because if you go away you can talk to people and ask for things.

Give NEW TEACHERS a good impression and don’t judge a teacher before meeting them.

Try and get to your school in advance: what stop to get on the bus, what stop to get off, how far to walk.

Bye bye and good luck!


Invicta Invincibles…


If you’re scared of going up to people to make friends, if you think about it they’re probably just as scared to come up to you.  So instead of doing nothing just go up to them.


In primary school there is skipping ropes and hula hoops and in secondary school there might not be, but you can find other things to do:  football, rugby, chatting to your friends.


There might be loads of older children crowding round but remember there will be other Year 7s in the same boat so stay together.


There might be lots of teachers who are really nice one day and then really strict the next.  You have to perservere, or try a time when they’re not so busy.


We’re excited about the new subjects and going into things like science in more detail.


There might be loads of pages and this might be frustrating and confusing.  But just like we said to the St Joes Dons, you can ask your parents and teachers for help.


The Smashing Sheringtons…


Karnam Malleswari inspired women to go into the Olympics because she was the first woman from India to get a medal.

Chika Chukwumerije never gave up and it is inspiring to find this out.

Usain Bolt had a trainer who believed in him which helped.


If you don’t have friends you’ll get lonely and if you get lonely you’ll get scared and if you’re scared you’re less likely to get any friends at all so it’s just better to go in and make as much as possible.

Don’t worry about getting lost – just explore!

Your planner will have a map and timetable but don’t lose it because you might have to pay for a new one!






The Sherington Musketeers…

The Olympics are coming, and so is Year 6 transition!

We started by looking at different athletes and seeing what we can learn from their stories.

What inspired us about Jesicca Enniston was how she started off as an athlete – entering a competition and winning a pair of trainers. We were inspired by her journey through life. And even though Alana Nichols was paralysed from the waist down she still lived out her dreams.

Usain Bolt’s advice is “listen to the people who teach you”, he didn’t want to do the 100 metres but his coach told him to carry on.

When we were training for transition we thought about lots of different things.

Here’s are our thoughts:


“People say be who you are and I get that but some people expect you to be different and it can be difficult to live up to that”.

“When you go to the interview at secondary school you’ll see who’s in your class so if they have the same subjects as you at the same time just follow them and you won’t be the only one getting lost”.

“Between lessons you’ll have a break and during the break you need to have fun and without friends it wouldn’t be fun and you need friends to help you”.

“When you go to your school for a taster day you can meet the people who will be going to your secondary school and you can make friends with them that same day”.

“If you want to make a friend don’t be shy and just go up to someone.  If they dont like you for who you are then just leave them and go to another person”.

“If you get a new friend you can meet their friends”.


“Alot of people find homework difficult at secondary school.  However when you’re at home when you’re not doing something majorily important you can sit down and  do your homework instead of wasting time”.


“If you’ve got new subjects, ask your friends about them, you can look in books and on the internet to help yourself prepare and you will learn from your new teachers”.


“Its going to feel quite weird having different teachers for each subject but you’re form tutor will get to know you and support you”.


“If you only have one school uniform and get it dirty it will take a while to clean it so be careful with it and keep it clean”.

“If you buy something really expensive and lose it you’ll be really upset so just buy cheap pens and things”.