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The answers came thick and fast from the Yr 7 pupils we’ve been working with at John Roan on Friday morning:

“I’m really proud of working together with people I don’t know very well yet”

“I made friends with people I had never met before today”

“I won the game!”

“We worked together to make statues of a rollercoaster and a cable car”

“I had lots of fun”

(above picture: a cable car as imagined by the students)

Apart from working together to make rollercoasters, cable cars, statues of Egyptians and Rocky Balboa, the pupils also decided that the Olympics would have been even better if their suggestions for Olympic sports had been taken up. Among the sports the pupils would like to win gold medals in are: sleeping the longest, staying awake the longest and eating the most chocolate. We can only hope the International Olympic Committee is paying attention.