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We think the Olympics is going to be a SPORTY, EXCITING, OLYMPIAD, with lots of TOURISTS and MAYHEM!

We tuned into OLYMPIAN TV to investigate how athletes inspire young people to carry on.  Kicking Chika is awesome, I’m inspired that he trained so hard and is now 29th best in the world.

And Karnam Malleswari, an Indian weightlifter, started at 12 so she had lots of motivation.  She’s really amazing!

What inspired us about Usain Bolt is that he broke 2 Olympic records in 2 years!

Then over to SURVIVING STARS where Alana Nichols proved everyone wrong who said you can’t do it because you’re in a wheelchair!

RUN, JUMP AND THROW with Jessica Ennis.  She was told she had an injury – OH NO!!! But she carried on and succeeded – WOW!!!


If you’re worred about MAKING NEW FRIENDS remember that there will be other kids going on their own.  You’ve got new friends to make so you’ve got more friends to invite to your party and a bigger group of friends.

It will be fun to learn NEW THINGS that you don’t do at primary school – geography, history and building stuff in technology.

Remember to RELAX over the summer holidays so you are REFRESHED in September.  You can go on websites that let you practice what you’ve been learning at school.

Adios, and peace out! 🙂