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All of our INSPIRING ATHLETES have gone from low to high.  Even when they’ve been injured they have been DETERMINED to get back on top and become an Olympian.  Alana Nichols didn’t let getting paralysed get in her way.

We hope they all do well in London 2012.  You have to admit the Olympics are difficult and you are competing against the worlds best.

As for secondary school.  Try and get geared up and get in pole position!

Make sure you’re ready and you have your books, your oyster card, your tie!

We have to go to totally different classrooms for all of the subjects which is a bit scary, but we’re excited about the NEW SUBJECTS at secondary school: sport (athletics & rugby), physics, languages (Mandarin & Spanish).  Learning new languages is good because if you go away you can talk to people and ask for things.

Give NEW TEACHERS a good impression and don’t judge a teacher before meeting them.

Try and get to your school in advance: what stop to get on the bus, what stop to get off, how far to walk.

Bye bye and good luck!